Hello, my name is Hannah Eve Buff and I am 20 year old,  student at the University of Westminster. Alongside my studies I am also the English Society’s Social Secretary, which means that I post all the social media posts ad so on. I am also an Editor-in-Chief at the society’s magazine, The Wells Muse.

As well as writing for my degree, I write in my spare time and am currently working on a collection of short stories to publish. I also have an AS in Photography and love to create unique images. Many of the images featured will be my own..

My posts can be found on the posts page, make sure you check them out. They feature from personal posts, such as my journey with AS and weight loss, rants and so on. I also post about things such as short stories, poems and other creative writing pieces of mine. I post book reviews of any books I am reading and my own photography (which has it’s own page).

Posts page

Photography Work