Four Tales: A Monster Calls

*Mid Spoilers Ahead*

Follow Conor O’Malley on his journey of self-discovery and encounters with the Monster in Patrick Ness’ novel, A Monster Calls. The novel centres on Conor who is going through the turmoil of his Mothers cancer consciously rearing its ugly head and we see how Conor deals with this, which is summoning the Monster. We also see how he deals with the monster, which he thought was an extension of his nightmare, but this monster is real and was called upon because of that. The boy finds comfort the unlikeliest of ways in the end.


Reading this book in the sky whilst flying helps add to the atmosphere and the world of Conor O’Malley and his monsters as the clouds around you may be the mist around Conor in the evening, the turbulence could be the Monster coming for you and the ear popping could be your ears telling you that you need to scream. And whilst I am not telling you that you must fly whilst reading the book, but doing something out the ordinary before, after or during this book could enhance the reading experience.


Whilst I am yet to watch the film (I am one of those that prefer to usually read the book then watch the film or TV show) I believe that if it is anything like the book, then your heartstrings will be pulled and you will hate those pesky onions even more than you did before. The book delves into life problems of cancer and what would happen to a young boy if his mum dies, would he stay with the grandma who is very orderly and clean or the absent father who is only seen every so often as he created a new family. Some of the serious issues that are apparent is today’s society, but they make it more young adult/child friendly with the added twist of fiction of the monster.


From the issues raised I see it as being a great source of information and comfort for those children who face this problem every day in the bereavement of a parent as it shows them that it will be okay and that you will survive.


Overall, I would recommend this book as it is spellbound, tear jerking and heart-warming in a sense. I could not help but read it entirely in the three hour plane journey.


3 thoughts on “Four Tales: A Monster Calls

      1. You’re welcome! The last forty or so pages of the book, when it starts the inevitable charge toward the climax were tough to read through the tears haha. Definitely a testament to a well written story.


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