As her man walked away from her, Eliza knew her life would change forever. Clasping tightly onto the ruby ring which was a symbol of their immortal love. The warmth of his tender kiss lingered on her lips in the cold night as she watched Jack, become a silhouette in the near distance. Eliza stood in a trance like state as the sharp wind chilled her to the core. She watched in hope Jack would return to her.


It was autumn of 1914 and Jack had volunteered to fight for his country in the Great War. He was eighteen with a maturity beyond his years. A handsome man with warm burgundy hair, soothing caramel eyes. The young Eliza bewitched him. Her beautiful, open smile and pure heart captured his heart. They were perfect together; like two peas in a pod. However no one believed their love… Particularly as it was a forbidden love. A forbidden love that was seemingly condemned to end in tragedy.


Eliza now sat by the lake. She could see her reflection in the depths of the clear water as she remembered Jack. Her long auburn rested on her shoulders while her icy blue eyes threatened to spill. Deep in her soul she knew he was always with her. Water ebbed lightly at the banks of the lake, like her mind; it was so calm yet powerful. Eliza was lost deep in her thoughts; water has the capacity to get everywhere. From the smallest ravine to the biggest ocean. Water in the right amount creates, but too much can cause destruction. Eliza was jolted back into reality at this point. She thought would their love last through thick and thin?


At this point, she wearily rose to her feet and with a heavy heart, she walked back home. The front door creaked open; Eliza was filled with optimism and hope. This was a special day. It was February 14th, the day Jack and Eliza shared their first meal so many moons ago. Every Valentine’s Day was a bittersweet reminder of that moment. Apprehension and excitement had filled the once empty air. Eliza carefully spread the white linen table cloth, which draped softly around the largely shaped legs, with red trimmings. The candlelight soothed the room as the flames danced in tune to the melodic sounds which echoed from the gramophone. Jack’s favourite meal took pride and place. The aroma of real chicken pie gave the room a warm and welcoming feel. Jack was coming home – Eliza knew it. She had waited so long for this day.


Sitting down to the meal, the excitement still filled her up, even threatened to spill out of her. At the first mouthful, her mouth was savouring the taste, Jack’s favourite. As she kept taking mouthfuls, each as different as the next, her plate was soon clear and she was full. Slowly, she rose and walked over to the sink placing her plates in to wash up later. She sighed. He eyes began to feel heavy, causing her to walk over to the living room. It had peachy walls and the burgundy three piece gave it a warm feeling. She lowered herself into the comfiest one, closest to the fire, sitting there for a few moments. She looked deeply into the roaring flames, right into the ebony embers. Slowly her eyelids closed over her icy blue eyes, engulfing her into darkness. She soon found herself slipping away.


A mere few hours passed when Eliza was awakened by the last flame dying out, leaving the room in dim lighting. It took her a few moments for her feeble eyes to adjust. That was when she saw him. Him in all his finery, looking just the same as the day he left. She gasped, shocked at first. However she soon understood. Steadily, she rose to her feet. He smile expanded as she edged towards him. The laughter lines from the past sixty years faded into insignificance. He engulfed her into a strong embrace as she turned into the seventeen year old she once was. Jack was home – Eliza knew it.

This piece was my GCSE English coursework from year eleven. We were given a choice of titles to choose from to create a third person story based upon it


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