Morning Coffee

Short poem on morning coffee and memories.


It is strange to think,

That you are just a memory.

That someone who once was so important

Now is just a memory.

The smell of my morning coffee,

Is your smell.

The smell of cigarettes in the street,

Is your smell.

The early morning wake up calls,

Is secretly you.

The Sunday roasts that do not compare,

Are yours.

And whilst there will be no one like you,


I need to let you rest as just a memory.

Here is a short poem to entertain you for a while. Ever so sorry that I have not been posting much or regular just recently but it has been deadline and exam month galore for me. Now that I am off for summer and only have my job to contend with I should be able to post more regular and share more reviews, creative writing and insights into my life. Though I am going away for a week next Saturday, so bare with me. Thank you for understanding.

Just a small poem I wrote for The Wells Muse ( It was a poem written for someone special that had a huge impact on my life. I hope you enjoy reading it.


A tale to end all tales: The Handmaids Tale

*Mild Spoilers ahead*

What would happen if the world’s population became so scarce and women’s fertility dropped to such a low percentage due to infections and diseases?

*Mild Spoilers ahead*

What would happen if the world’s population became so scarce and women’s fertility dropped to such a low percentage due to infections and diseases? Margaret Atwood answers all these questions and more in her novel, The Handmaids Tale. The novel was published in 1986 and quickly rose to the bestsellers list.

The tale follows Offred, a woman of thirty-three years’ age thrown into a new, totalitarian state which replaces the United States we know today. What drew me to this novel was not only the recommendation from Michael saying that it could be an inspiration for my own novel, but also as I have wanted to read this book for years now but many others came in the way and I just thought, you know what? Yes, I am going to do it.

Atwood’s novel is about women, and how quickly their rights can be taken away from them due to decreasing population and because a new government says so. Offred is one of the Handmaids that high-ranking Commanders use to try to reproduce and increase population. She is not treated like a human, but a breeding mule. However, as the novel digresses, she does get more control over her life again maybe not to the extent she has in the flashbacks she has of before Gilead was formed, but she still gains some. We never find out what happens to Offred, whether she escapes Gilead or not as it cuts to years after Gilead was taken down. A professor talks of her ‘tale’ and how they found it, but not of what happened to her as they could not find that out themselves. Overall, I loved reading this book, it gave me feelings I never thought I would receive whilst reading a book. However, the ending in my opinion was a little bit of a let-down, whilst it leaves it up to interpretation of the reader of what happens to her, I wanted to know what did happen to Offred.

Whilst Atwood’s is sceptical at what time the novel is placed in, though we can see that it is possible that it is set in the 2000’s at least due to its epilogue of the Professors talk,

A Recipe For Writing Poetry

Poetry and baking? What more could you want?

Writes With Pencils


Custards are made
fields of grazing cows
and free run chickens
orange-scented coffee
and vanilla bean,
the fruit of an orchid
that grew from the blood
of forbidden lovers.
The last batch
of ice cream
is churning
figs steeped in sherry
the Spanish sun
warms the stones
laid by Moors
in a time of tolerance
with hints of anise and bay.
As I roll the pin
across the fifth crust
of buttery dough
to fill fluted pans from France,
my fingers itch
to grasp instead
a pencil
to plant words, not seeds
upon a page
to capture and preserve
the thoughts and remembrances
that waft to the surface
with the steam of rosemary tea.
But the oven awaits the cakes
flourless, moist with chocolate and dates,
so I reach for a whisk instead.

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Selling myself short

A small rant on what it is like working in retail. Though I am no longer a full time retail worker, only holidays.

I wrote this for my reflective writing log over Christmas and my partner came up with the title.

After working in retail for around four years (kind of) it has changed me and how I do my shopping. I hate the annoying people who stand in the middle of the aisle, and take most of it up, choosing what they want. It does not matter how many times you say excuse me, they will not move. Then when you push past them because you have been called over the intercom several times, they get angry with you.

Then there are the people who magically expect a refund on a ‘faulty’ item with no receipt or other proof of purchase. It does not matter if we are the only store that sell the item you are trying to return. If you do not have proof that you purchased this item, from this store, we cannot refund you. 28 days to return and bring proof of purchase is our policy, do not like it? Then do not buy (or steal) from us. Please feel free to take it up with my manager, they will say the exact same thing as me. Another note on returns, it does not matter if you only found out it was faulty after washing it/using it, you have clearly used it and damaged it yourself. Therefore, I cannot refund your dirty and stained oven glove.

This Christmas I found out that I truly hate shops (at Christmas time) and probably Christmas. After doing six days straight the week before Christmas (Including Christmas Eve) it ended up like my worst nightmare and I never want to do it again, though I probably will. How can people seriously justify spending £300 on one child out of four? Like how? And why would you wait until 5pm Christmas Eve to come and get your shopping? All shops are closed before then and if you have a retail job and you do not finish until then, you know the struggle. Do not do it to others. Get your shopping done a few days before then.

As for those who talk down to us because we ‘only work in retail’ how do you expect to get your shopping if there’s nobody to serve you? Or assist you? Or stock the shelves? Yes, we may not work in a great big office, doing 9 until 5, Monday until Friday like you. But we help you a lot more than you think and contribute more to society. And no this is not my long-term career, I am at University and using this to pay my way through it and to get the things I need (such as food), I do not use the money to get wasted every weekend.

All we expect is a thank you from you for the service we offer you daily, because without us, you would not have food, clothes and other necessities.


Being Hannah

Hello, my name is Hannah Buff (bit of an unfortunate surname to have considering that I want to be a teacher, I know).

Hello, my name is Hannah Buff (bit of an unfortunate surname to have considering that I want to be a teacher, I know). I am 19 years old, 20 in May and I am currently studying a BA in English Language and Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. Alongside my studies, I am also the English Society’s Social Secretary, which means that I post all the social media posts etc.… (along with the help of two others). I am also an Editor at the society’s magazine, The Wells Muse, whilst in this role I have helped create and distribute two issues as to date.

However, I am not all work and no play (though I do work a lot both at University and my holiday job back home). I do some recreational writing, not just the writing I have to do at University. Writing to me has always been a way to express myself and my emotions as I have been unable to do so verbally, and while the writing has never been directly about the problem, it was a way to just sort my emotions out. Within this blog, I am going to be featuring some random short stories along the way, ones that I wish to publish in a collection of short stories. My two biggest projects I am working on now is a collection of twisted fairy tales and my own novel (which I am also submitting for my Novel Writing class at University). So, you may see a lot of ranting about those when I get the unformidable writers block. Oh yes, everyone gets them unfortunately.

With no surprise, I can be, though it is sometimes difficult due to the amount of work I have, an avid reader. My personal best so far is reading the Harry Potter series in a weekend, or The Book Thief in a day. It does, while I am at University, take me quite a while to read a book due to the amount of assessments which is why I tend to leave most of the reading for Summer and Christmas holidays. However, a reason I started this blog is so that I can also share with you my experience with a book and recommend books that I find great to you. So, when I finish a book, I will be doing a book review, though there will be some spoilers in them (I’ll try and keep them to a minimum).  I’ve never not known when I haven’t read, so when I started my course and realised I will not be able to read much, I was not happy. Though now I have come to understand and appreciate books a whole lot more.

As well as writing I do some Photography, mainly stock images, though I have done two of my cousin’s weddings which was great experience and I would happily do it again. I will mostly be featuring my own images on here. Photography became another way to express myself and let me get my emotions out (though again, not directly). Whilst I may not be great at it, I do find that it brings me great comfort and help when I do it. It also sometimes inspires me to write.

Oh, and I will also post random rants and pieces from my Journal, this blog is very much the ins and outs of my life.