Extract from Little Red

What happens when a little girl sets foot on the forest path to her Grandmothers house? Find out in Little Red

Forests are dangerous places where bad things happen, never to be heard of again. Mainly because no one survives.

So why I hear you ask, would a mother of four children send her youngest and most beautiful little girl through these dark and sinister forests? Simply because she has never heard of the terrible things that can occur in the depth of the woods. She has never heard of the cries which can be heard at the dead of night. Nor of the folklore of hunters which never ventured back out of them with sacks full of meat. Woodchoppers who never came back to their families with the wood which was promised. Or of the children that are soon replaced and forgotten about by their families.

The morning was cold and muggy, a foreboding of the day’s events to occur some may say. However, the mother saw passed this warning when she heard that their ageing Grandmother was ill once again. Unable to go herself and look after the old woman, she turned to the pretty little girl with fiery red hair and green eyes and asked if she would mind venturing through the forest to look after her. Being the sweet, innocent and happy little girl she was, she readily accepted and was soon wrapped up in an ebony black cloak that had red outer trimmings and on her way.

A small but blameless smile played on her rosy red lips and a basket full of baked goods with the added bonus of medicines in hand; she was now walking along the path leading to the forest. As the girl put one foot on the path which lead the forest to her timeworn grandmothers house the heavens opened up. Rain splattered on to her now rosy red cheeks as she quickly scrambled to draw up her hood to shield her long wavy hair and face from angel kisses. Covering the basket with the cloak also, to shield the preservatives from going soggy and tasteless, she soon began her journey again, this time it was only her cloak was to get wet. She skipped happily along, jumping into the deepest pools of rain water she could find thus in turn soaking her dainty red shoes and stockings. Little Red was thoroughly enjoying herself, however if she had paid more attention to her surroundings and not busy disturbing things that had settled the girl in question would have notice the big black eyes that bore into her back from the trees. She would have heard the scurrying of claws on the damp forest floor. Or even the branch that broke cleanly in half when the owner of the eyes and claws misplaced his step.

This is a small extract on a collection of twisted fairy tales I have been working on for the past year or so and whilst it may not be the full story, would love to get your feedback. So please, let me know in the comments below.

Rambling Man

This was another piece written for The Wells Muse, issue 5 (https://madmagz.com/magazine/971515#/), however I did start it last year with just the idea. But when I knew I needed a piece or the issue I decided to finish it for it.

Suitcase in hand, he bent over her sleeping form. Her long red locks that were usually straightened, covered her perfect face and began curling from the day’s intense heat. As he smiled softly to himself, he knew she would hate the fact that her hair was curling, she would die for straight hair.


He watched her chest that was modestly covered by the thin silk sheet rise and fall with each shaky breath she took, a bad dream he thought to himself as he sighed. Yet, he continued to watch it rise and fall as he caught his own breath. Why are you doing this? He whispered to himself as she turned over, facing him but with her eyes still closed as her breath steadied. As he let out a long, drawn breath he kissed her forehead and straightened up. She smiled softly in her sleep at his touch. Leaving a folded piece of paper on her drawer, he reached for the handle and exited the cheap motel.


The click came quick and strong to stop the snow seeping in, her eyes opened slowly and adjusted to the early morning light. However, she realised that it was too late. The rambling man had left as the bright lights came through the icy windows.


Sitting on her bed, she was rereading the letter again, she had thought her love would make him stay this time. Her naivety got the better of her again as she read the letter out loud,

I’m sorry to do this again, but we both know I’m not much of a lover, I’ve always been a runner. I promise if I ever come round again, I hope that I can be the man you want me to be, although I understand if you find the right man before then. But please, babe, remember I will always love you.


Crumpling the letter in her hand, she placed it in the drawer. A stack of letters already there.


A few days had passed when he sat in a motorway diner, sipping the frothy hot coffee he had just been served. He thought of her and could not help but let that small smile play on his lips. He took one long swig of his drink as he rose from his chair and strolled over to the payphone. Putting the money in, he dialled her number. It rang a few times before it cut to voicemail. Sighing, he said what he should have said in the letter,

“I know you must hate me again, but let me tell you that whilst I may have a gypsy soul, you are the only one that has ever made me want to build and stay. And while it’s not yet, we’ll soon be together and I cannot wait. Please hold on, I feel that we belong.” He placed the receiver back on its cradle while he rested his head against the wall. He knew he must have messed up really big this time.


This was another piece written for The Wells Muse, issue 5 (https://madmagz.com/magazine/971515#/), however I did start it last year with just the idea. But when I knew I needed a piece or the issue I decided to finish it for it.

Sorry for not posting this past week, I was away on holiday in Malta. I shall try and be more frequent from now on until University begins next year. Thank you for bearing with me.

Being Hannah

Hello, my name is Hannah Buff (bit of an unfortunate surname to have considering that I want to be a teacher, I know).

Hello, my name is Hannah Buff (bit of an unfortunate surname to have considering that I want to be a teacher, I know). I am 19 years old, 20 in May and I am currently studying a BA in English Language and Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. Alongside my studies, I am also the English Society’s Social Secretary, which means that I post all the social media posts etc.… (along with the help of two others). I am also an Editor at the society’s magazine, The Wells Muse, whilst in this role I have helped create and distribute two issues as to date.

However, I am not all work and no play (though I do work a lot both at University and my holiday job back home). I do some recreational writing, not just the writing I have to do at University. Writing to me has always been a way to express myself and my emotions as I have been unable to do so verbally, and while the writing has never been directly about the problem, it was a way to just sort my emotions out. Within this blog, I am going to be featuring some random short stories along the way, ones that I wish to publish in a collection of short stories. My two biggest projects I am working on now is a collection of twisted fairy tales and my own novel (which I am also submitting for my Novel Writing class at University). So, you may see a lot of ranting about those when I get the unformidable writers block. Oh yes, everyone gets them unfortunately.

With no surprise, I can be, though it is sometimes difficult due to the amount of work I have, an avid reader. My personal best so far is reading the Harry Potter series in a weekend, or The Book Thief in a day. It does, while I am at University, take me quite a while to read a book due to the amount of assessments which is why I tend to leave most of the reading for Summer and Christmas holidays. However, a reason I started this blog is so that I can also share with you my experience with a book and recommend books that I find great to you. So, when I finish a book, I will be doing a book review, though there will be some spoilers in them (I’ll try and keep them to a minimum).  I’ve never not known when I haven’t read, so when I started my course and realised I will not be able to read much, I was not happy. Though now I have come to understand and appreciate books a whole lot more.

As well as writing I do some Photography, mainly stock images, though I have done two of my cousin’s weddings which was great experience and I would happily do it again. I will mostly be featuring my own images on here. Photography became another way to express myself and let me get my emotions out (though again, not directly). Whilst I may not be great at it, I do find that it brings me great comfort and help when I do it. It also sometimes inspires me to write.

Oh, and I will also post random rants and pieces from my Journal, this blog is very much the ins and outs of my life.